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Open House Contemporary is a year long programme produced by Open House that provides a forum for in depth dialogue between the architectural and engineering profession and clients about how we can ensure the delivery of high quality design that has a positive influence on people's experience of their everyday environment. A vital contributing factor to these discussions are the views of those that live, work and breathe within these new spaces.

"Corus is proud and delighted to support Open House Contemporary. It is an exciting programme of work that explores new developments and thinking in the public realm. We have always worked closely with designers, architects and the property industry and welcome this forum for debate an opportunity for an exchange of ideas on design excellence with regard to future projects across the UK."

Murray Bean
Director Construction Solutions, Corus


Summer Lecture Series 2006

Who Are We Designing For?

The UK is experiencing unprecedented investment in the public realm. Initiatives abound to renew and rebuild our schools, hospitals, town centres, open spaces and the estates and streets on which we live. For those in the architectural and construction sector this poses both a great opportunity and a tremendous challenge. With a change in the landscape of delivery, tighter financial pressures, less opportunity to engage with the end user, creative strategies are required to ensure that that design quality is not squeezed out of the process and the outcome is not only fit for purpose but inspiring.

Leading Architects - including winners of Europan 8 UK - will share recent experiences and showcase inspirational winning designs from their education and housing projects. The talks are in three UK cities, May-July '06.


Charles Holland, FAT Sorry: now FULL
Tuesday 23 May 2006
113-115 Portland Street


Charles Holland of FAT

The government’s ‘Sustainable Communities’ agenda wants to offer all of us a decent home at an affordable price. Sounds good but how will that play out in practice? Can a focus on commercial viability and a drive to meet the numbers, be reconciled with individual desires for a home that is more than a roof over one’s head? Charles Holland of FAT presents his practice’s take on the challenge with respect to the newly completed Islington Square for client Urban Splash. Intensive and imaginative consultation resulted in homes that, whilst compact, affordable and developer-friendly, are tailored to residents’ needs, and inspired by their tastes.
Sorry: now FULL

Chris Wilkinson, Wilkinson Eyre
Wednesday 7 June
Arup Auditorium
63 St Thomas Street

Chris Wilkinson of Wilkinson Eyre

At a time of rapid change in the way that children are learning, design teams have to respond by creating new, more flexible and inclusive learning environments that serve a range of educational and community needs. Chris Wilkinson, of Wilkinson Eyre, will be talking about his experience of designing for ‘Building Schools for the Future’ programme and how his other educational designs including the John Madejski Academy and City and Islington College, have informed the process.


Sunand Prasad, Penoyre and Prasad
Wednesday 21 June
Allgood Gallery
72-73 Warren St

Sunand Prasad of Penoyre and Prasad

This is an exciting time for school design when capital investment is running at a higher level than at any other time in the past half-century and the trend is towards a lifelong and integrated approach to learning. Sunand Prasad, of Penoyre and Prasad will be discussing what they understand the learning needs of the 21st century to be and how they ensure the delivery of inspirational school environments that support these needs. He will be showcasing projects including The Charter School and the recently completed Ashburton Learning Village.


Stephen Witherford and William Mann,
Witherford Watson Mann Architects
Wednesday 5 July
Amnesty International UK
17-25 New Inn Yard

Stephen Witherford and William Mann of Witherford Watson Mann Architects

How can we design buildings that last for the long term and that accommodate social and economic change? Does this mean looking beyond the contingencies of the brief and our empathy with the individuals that we design for? Stephen Witherford and William Mann of Witherford Watson Mann Architects, newly announced winners of 2006 Europan 8 UK for innovative housing schemes, will be discussing their interpretation of the interplay between present and future needs and role of the city in this process of change. The lecture will discuss their design for Europan 8 UK (Stonebridge Park) and their housing and urban design work in the Lower Lea Valley.

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